All Fandom policies: Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, apply to all Fandom wikis, meaning all fandom users must follow them no matter what wiki they are on. If you see someone breaking the rules, report it to an admin immidietly.

User Conduct Rules
  • Swearing
    • If you are going to swear, please cencor it using something like: '****' or '####'. Acronyms like 'wtf' or 'omfg' are not acceptable.
  • Online Dating
    • Self Explanatory*
  • Necroposting
    • Keep comments within 1 month
  • Edit Farming
    • Don't farm edits to earn badges or high amounts of edits
  • Advertising
    • This wiki is based on a topic, it is not a place to advertise your own things
  • Off Site Links
    • Do not post links to other websites other than FANDOM
  • Do not speak any other languages other than English
  • Harasment/Bullying
    • Insulting or sending sextual/explicit messages to a use 
  • Vandalizing
    • Editing pages to damage them
  • False Information
    • Giving false information about the game or a user
  • Racisim
    • Giving hate speech to another user's race
  • Giving Personal Information
    • Don't give any personal information such as: age, real name, location or social media (Discord is allowed)
Image Rules
  • Adding Useless Images
    • Don't add images unless it is necessary
  • Adding Unnamed Images
    • Make sure all images are named so that their easy to find
  • Adding Images with user Information
    • All images must not contain any other usernames or characters
Discussion Rules
  • Necroposting
    • Keep all discussions within 1 month
  • Catagorize Discussions Correctly
    • Catagorize your discussions correctly so that their easy to navigate
  • Spamming
    • Don't spam discussions
Severe Rules
  • High Block Count
    • If a user has over 3 blocks on the wiki, they will be permenently blocked
  • Trolling Account
    • The account was made specificly for trolling
  • Inappropriate Username
    • Innapropriate usernames will be forced to be changed or be permenetly blocked
  • Inappropriate Profile Picture
    • Innapropriate profile pictures will be forced to be changed or be permenetly blocked
  • Underaged
    • If a user is found to be underaged, they will be blocked
  • Loopholing
    • Loopholing is where a blocked user is using another account to bypass the block
  • Impersonation
    • Don't impersonate someone else



If a new user is found to have broken a minor editing they will be givin a reminder.


If a user is found to have broken a minor offence they will be givin a first warning.

Final Warning

Final Warnings are givin to users if they have continued to violate the rules.


Blocks are givin after a user has repeatedly violated minor rules, if a user has violated a severe rule, they may be blocked without a warning.

Block Duration

Level Block Duration Offence
1 1 - 7 days Minor violation
2 2 - 5 weeks Repeated minor violations or first major violation
3 1 - 12 months Repeated major violations
4 infinite Severe violation


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