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Game-passes are important exclusive in-game benefits players can purchase with Robux. Saber Simulator currently has 14 available game-passes available in the store, which is accessible from the game's page by clicking on the "Store" section.

Gamepass Image Price


x2 Coins
X2 Coins Gamepass
Robux 799 Doubles the coins players receive when selling.
x2 Damage
X2 Damage Gamepass
Robux 549 Doubles the amount of damage done to a player.
x2 Health
X2 Health Gamepass
Robux 549 Doubles the player's health.
x2 Speed
X2 Speed Gamepass
Robux 149 Doubles the player's speed.
x2 Strength
X2 Strength Gamepass
Robux 799 Doubles the strength made by the player.
VIP Gamepass
Robux 349 Gives the player a VIP name tag, chat tag, aura, DNA and saber.
Fast Swing
Fast Swing Gamepass
Robux 799 Cuts the player's saber cool down time 50%.
Infinite DNA
Infinate DNA Gamepass
Robux 899 Allows players to have an infinite storage of strength.
Double Saber
Double Saber Gamepass
Robux 1499 Allows the player to hold two of the same saber.
Lucky Gamepass
Robux 349 Triples the player's odds of hatching rare pets from eggs.
Triple Hatch
Triple Hatch Gamepass
Robux 549 Allows the player to hatch three eggs at once.
Auto Hatch
Auto Hatch Gamepass
Robux 899 Allows the player to auto open eggs.
+1 Pet Equipped
1 Equiped Gamepass
Robux 999 Allows the player to equip a fourth pet.
+200 Pets Space
200 Pets Space Gamepass
Robux 349 Adds 200 extra pet inventory space for the player.


  • The +1 Pet Equipped used to be +3 Pets Equipped
  • The +200 Pets Space used to be only +50 Pets Space
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