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Pets are one of the primary and major features to Saber Simulator that were implemented in update 7. Pets boost the amount of Coins, Crowns and strength players can obtain. Each and all eggs contains 9 pets, all having a certain chance of hatching. Players also have a rare chance of hatching shiny pets which are x2 the stats, which can be boosted by using shiny charms. Eggs can be found in the lobby and on islands, which requires to be obtain by the player using double jumps. Certain eggs are limited-time only and requires a type of event currency to obtain. 


Crafting pets was a feature addd in update 6, the feature allows players to combine 10 of the same pet to get higher stats. Players can also hatch a shiny and can have increased chances using 'Shiny charms'.

Golden - x1.5 stats
Shiny - x2 stats

Rainbow x2.5 stats

Void - x3 stats 

Pet Levels

Update 18 introduced Pet Levels, each level gives pets +1% to their base stats. Players level up their pets by swinging their sabers a certain amount of times, with the equation "+n%=(5n)^2 swings".

Tier Eggs

Egg Crowns Cost Location
1st Tier Egg 500 Lobby
2nd Tier Egg 5K Lobby
3rd Tier Egg 30K Lobby
4th Tier Egg 50K Lobby
5th Tier Egg 150K Island 1
6th Tier Egg 400K Island 2
7th Tier Egg 1M Island 3
8th Tier Egg 5M Island 4
9th Tier Egg 15M Island 5
10th Tier Egg 25M Island 6
11th Tier Egg 35M Island 7
12th Tier Egg 50M Island 8
13th Tier Egg 75M Island 9
14th Tier Egg 100M Island 10
15th Tier Egg 150M Island 11
16th Tier Egg 200M Island 12
17th Tier Egg 250M Island 13
18th Tier Egg 300M Island 14
19th Tier Egg 400M Island 15
20th Tier Egg 500M Island 16
21st Tier Egg 750M Island 17
22nd Tier Egg 1B Island 18
23rd Tier Egg 1.5B Island 19
24th Tier Egg 2B Island 20
25th Tier Egg 4B Island 21
26th Tier Egg 8B Island 22
27th Tier Egg 16B Island 23
28th Tier Egg 32B Island 24
29th Tier Egg 64B Island 25
30th Tier Egg 128B Island 26
31st Tier Egg 256B Island 27
32nd Tier Egg 512B Island 28 
33rd Tier Egg 1.024t Island 29
34th Tier Egg 1.536t Island 30
35th Tier Egg Island 31
36th Tier Egg 6.14t Island 32
37th Tier Egg Island 33
38th Tier Egg 24.6t Island 34
39th Tier Egg 49.2t Island 35
40th Tier Egg 98.3t Island 36
41st Tier Egg 197t Island 37
42nd Tier Egg 393t Island 38
43rd Tier Egg 786t Island 39
44th Tier Egg 3.15q Island 40
45th Tier Egg 6.29q Island 41
46th Tier Egg 12.6q Island 42
47th Tier Egg 25.2q Island 43
48th Tier Egg Island 44
49th Tier Egg 101q Island 45
50th Tier Egg 151q Island 46
51st Tier Egg Island 47
52nd Tier Egg 340q Island 48


Event Eggs

Egg Event Cost Location
Halloween Egg Halloween 2019 100 Candy Corns Lobby
Cursed Egg Halloween 2019 200 Candy Corns Lobby
Turkey Egg Thanksgiving 2019 350 Turkey Legs Lobby
Candy Egg Christmas 2019 200 Candy Canes Lobby
Chrsitmas Egg Christmas 2019 500 Candy Canes Christmas Island
Winter Egg Christmas 2019 750 Candy Canes Island 14
Valentine Egg Valentines Day 2020 350 Hearts Lobby
28th Tier Egg Valentines Day 2020 700 Hearts Island 24
Easter Egg Easter 2020 100 Easter Eggs Lobby

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