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Reward Codes and exclusive game codes that reward players with either Coins, Crowns, Strength or event currencies. Reward Codes are typically given out by developers via their Twitter account, but YouTubers may also give out codes. All codes are not case-sensitive and do not stack via auras, pets, cl
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ass boosts, boosts or gamepasses.
  • Players can redeem the codes by clicking on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen below the 'Settings' button. 

Codes Reward Status
mirrorrs +10K S.S Coin Redeemable
razor +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
robzi +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
gravy +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
JS +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
cookie +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
subtoaustin +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
defild +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
release +150 S.S Coin Redeemable
raven +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
GOLDEN +200 Crowns Redeemable
Airstudio +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
mmistaken +999 Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.39.28 pm Redeemable
calixo +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
straw +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
telanthric +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
cookieclix +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
melihkardes +500 S.S Coin Redeemable
boss +1K S.S Coin and +200 Crowns Redeemable
grim +50 Crowns Redeemable
prez +200 Crowns Redeemable
henrydev +1K Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.39.28 pm Redeemable
erick +300 Crowns Redeemable
HALLOWEEN +500 Crowns Redeemable
MIRRAWRXD +500 Crowns Redeemable
100M +1K Crowns Redeemable
zarco +100 Candy Corn Expired
Astro +100 Candy Corn Expired
trickortreat +500 Candy Corn Expired
Master3395 +500 Candy Corn Expired
Beast +600 Candy Corn Expired
ISLANDS +1K Crowns Redeemable
Legend +1K Crowns Redeemable
5000Followers +5K Crowns Redeemable
Saber +1K Crowns Redeemable
Slayer +1K Crowns Redeemable
Vehnix +1K Crowns Redeemable
XMAS +500 Candy Cane Expired
winter +500 Candy Cane Expired
2020 +10K Crowns Redeemable
Yippee +5K Crowns Redeemable
oioi +7500 Crowns Redeemable
Valentine +300 Heart Expired
Hearts +1400 Heart Expired
Weekend +20K Crowns Redeemable
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