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Classes are one of the primary and important aspects to Saber Simulator, when a player can purchase the next class, the player will receive a larger multiplier to multiply the strength and coins. You can purchase classes at the shop.

List of Classes

Count Class Multiplier Cost Image
1 Noob x1 0 S.S Coin
2 Apprentice x2 2M S.S Coin
Apprentice Class
3 Soldier x4 150M S.S Coin
Soldier Class
4 Paladin x6 11.25B S.S Coin
Paladin Class
5 Assassin x9 843.75B S.S Coin
Assassin Class
6 Warrior x12 63.281t S.S Coin
Warrior Class
7 Warlord x15 474.6t S.S Coin
Warlord Class
8 Berserker x20 3.56q S.S Coin
Berserker Class
9 Saber x25 26.697q S.S Coin
Saber Class
10 Cyborg x38 200.226q S.S Coin
Cyborg Class
11 Master x57 1.502Q S.S Coin
Master Class
12 Titan x86 11.263Q S.S Coin
Titan Class
13 Phantom x100 84.47Q S.S Coin
Phantom Class
14 Shadow x120 633.527Q S.S Coin
Shadow Class
15 Ghoul x145 4.751s S.S Coin
Ghoul Class
16 Tempest x170 166.301s S.S Coin
Tempest Class
17 Elementalist x195 5.821S S.S Coin
Elementist Class
18 Beast x250 203.719S S.S Coin
Beast Class
19 Dark Ninja x280 10.186o S.S Coin
Dark Ninja Class
20 Warlock x310 509.296o S.S Coin
Warlock Class
21 Overlord x350 25.465n S.S Coin
Overlord Class
22 Demigod x400 1.273d S.S Coin
Demigod Class
23 Archangel x450 63.662d S.S Coin
Archangel Class
24 Wraith x500 3.183U S.S Coin
Wraith Class
25 Deity x550 159.155U S.S Coin
Deity Class
26 Nemesis x600 7.958D S.S Coin
Nemesis Class
27 Executioner x650 397.888D S.S Coin
Executioner Class
28 Terminator x700 19.894T S.S Coin
Terminator Class
29 Colossus x750 994.719T S.S Coin
Colossus Class
30 Zeus x800 49.736Qt S.S Coin
Zues Class
31 Elf x850 2.487Qd S.S Coin
Elf Class
32 Santa x900 124.34Qd S.S Coin
Santa Class
33 Corruptor x950 6.217Sd S.S Coin
Corruptor Class
34 Prestige x1K 310.85Sd S.S Coin
Prestige Class
35 Caster x1050 15.54St S.S Coin
Caster Class
36 Cyclops x1100 777.125St S.S Coin
Cyclops Class
37 King x1150 38.856O S.S Coin
King Class
38 Hacker x1200 1.943N S.S Coin
Hacker Class
39 Angel x1250 97.141N S.S Coin
Angel Class
40 Minotaur ×1300 4.857v S.S Coin
Minotaur Class
41 Cerberus ×1350 242.851v S.S Coin
42 Yeti x1400 12.143c S.S Coin
Yeti Class
43 Samarai x1500 607.129c S.S Coin
Samarai Class
44 Baron x1600 30356.428c S.S Coin
Baron Class
45 Detective x1700 1517821.394c S.S Coin
Detective Class
46 Red Baron x1800 75891069.679c S.S Coin
Red Baron Class
47 Witch x1900 3.795kC S.S Coin
48 Gladiator x2K 189.728kC S.S Coin

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